Goal 1: Experience. Experiential Learning Opportunities

The Digital Convergence Lab provides Northern Illinois University students with an opportunity to benefit from a team-based, experiential approach to learning. Its focus on the development of sophisticated multimedia materials simultaneously allows student participants to benefit from perspectives provided by peers and instructors drawn from a variety of disciplines, enhance their technical skills, and gain hands-on experience while applying new media technologies to a variety of challenges similar to those found in a modern workplace. 

Create a media and technology-focused experiential/service learning program; expand opportunities for NIU students to participate in a combination of experiential/service learning, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative projects that involve exploration and use of digital technologies.

Goal 2: Discover. Shared Research and Development
The Digital Convergence Lab offers a centralized lab and professional expert staff able to support faculty, staff, and graduate students in the investigation, design, development, and research of digital and interactive media for education.

Conduct research, development, and assessment of emerging applications, media, and technologies converging in the digital environment for the academic and professional purposes of the university community and disseminate information, applications, and products developed by the lab.

Goal 3: Create. Community Engagement 
The Digital Convergence Lab will foster community engagement by actively extending educational experiences for our diverse regional community.

Attract members from the surrounding community to the Digital Convergence Lab, the NIU Libraries, and the NIU campus by hosting community workshops, special interest camps, intellectual digitization products, research, and development opportunities.

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