Where New Media and the NIU Community Come Together in Learning and Research

In 2009 the Digital Convergence Lab opened its doors with support from the Division of Outreach, Engagement, and Regional Development and the University Libraries. The lab staff consists of eLearning Services staff, graduate assistants, and student workers, as well as faculty researchers and coaches. The DCL resides in Founders Memorial Library rooms 337 - 340.  In 2011, the DCL was awarded support from the NIU Great Journeys Strategic Plan. As a result of that award the lab was able to expand capabilities and support more students, faculty, staff, and local community children and lifelong learners. 

Mission Statement

The Digital Convergence Lab empowers students, faculty, staff and members of the community by bringing people together in the exploration of new media, experiential learning, community engagement, and multi-disciplinary research. The lab brings new media technologies to the attention of the campus community, supports their use, and engages in research and development activities leading to the creation of innovative applications and tools.

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