Summer Video Games Camp 2013


Are you interested in animation, computers, 3D virtual worlds, or video games? Join us this summer for the 5th annual Games Camp where we have "hard fun" for students ages 10 - 16. This year's Games Camp we be held July 15-18 and July 22-25. Each week will focus on a totally different technology, so that students can sign up for either week, or both weeks.

Photo of kids playing video games

Week 1 - Video Game Development

  • Explore popular video games
  • Learn the essentials of game design
  • Develop a game story
  • Create game characters
  • Invent game goals and rules
  • Storyboard game scenarios
  • Design a game interface
  • Create sound effects

Using computer-based tools, students will take their design ideas through to the prototype stage of a playable video game. The camp will help students develop skills like complex problem solving, working in teams, project management, and using computer software for design. Much of the software used during the camp is freely available online, and students can continue to use it after the camp. A full list of resources will be made available to students for further study after the camp.

Image of a storyboard sketch

Week 2 - 3D Virtual World Development

  • Explore several virtual worlds
  • Customize his or her avatar
  • Develop objects in 3D
  • Modify basic scripts
  • Create sound effects



Week 1 - Video Game Development: July 15-18, 2013
Week 2 - Virtual World Development: July 22 - 25, 2013

Time: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Northern Illinois University, Founders Memorial Library, Digital Convergence lab (DCL) Room 338. Students will be met on the turn around on the west side of the library (Carroll Ave) by 9 am. If a student is late parents will have to walk children to Room 338. All students must be signed in and out each day by an adult. Children are not allowed to come up to the lab alone.

Map to Drop Off


Fees for participation in this day camp are $200 per week. Students should bring a sack lunch each day. For more information contact: Aline Click

Required Forms:

Once you have completed the online registration, please download and fill out the Required Forms. Required forms must be filled out, signed, and submitted prior to the first day of class!


Location : DeKalb Campus
Contact :
This is a day camp. Students must be signed in and out each day.


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