STEM Video Games Camp (Residential Camp)


Middle School: Grades 7 - 9

Dates: June 25 - 30, 2017

Participants will explore popular video games and learn the essentials of game design. They will also create their own games by developing a story, characters, goals, and rules; creating storyboard scenarios; designing an interface; recording sound effects, and program a playable game using popular game development engines.

Exploring STEM Camp gives middle school boys and girls an opportunity to explore several areas of STEM. Participants will apply to the track of their choice and spend the bulk of the week with the smaller group of students who have also chosen that track. Evening recreational activities will involve all campers. Participants can expect a fun and busy week as STEM options open up before them!

Exploring STEM campers will experience dorm life by living in one of the newly renovated Grant Towers and enjoying meals in Stevenson Hall and the Blackhawk Cafeteria in the Holmes Student Center.  Campers will have the opportunity to interact with professionals and students in many STEM fields throughout the day, including informally at meals. Evening activity choices include visits to Davis Hall Observatory, video game night, movie night, and outdoor recreational activities.

For more information on Exploring STEM camps click here.

Who should apply? 

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, STEM Career Explorations is for you!

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  • Are you interested in video games, animation, or 3D virtual worlds? 
  • Do you like math or science but have no idea what you could do for a career?
  • Do you know that designing games is a team effort involving artists, writers, and programmers, as well as the game designer?
  • Are your parents telling you to become a computer programmer because they know computer programmers make a good salary, but you don’t know what a computer programmer does?
  • Do you dream about video games?

Sign up for the Video Game Design and Development track to try your hand at game design and learn about the various careers available. During this camp you will use professional software, Unreal Engine to design and develop a playable video game.

Participants will explore popular video games, learn the essentials of game design, develop a game story, create game characters, invent game goals and rules, storyboard game scenarios, design a game interface, and create sound effects to realize their games.  No prior experience needed, but those who have participated in our Video Game Design Day Camps will be able to use the week to advance their skills. 

During this camp you will:

  • Explore popular video games
  • Learn the essentials of game design
  • Develop a game story
  • Create game characters
  • Invent game goals and rules
  • Storyboard game scenarios
  • Design a game interface
  • Create sound effects
  • Program a playable game

Camp cost $680. More information here.

Complete information including pricing and registration is available by clicking the button below!


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Location : NIU DeKalb Campus
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