Digital Scholarship at NIU

In keeping with its mission to help the university community to integrate digital technologies into teaching, learning and research activities, the Digital Convergence Lab supports digital scholarship activities.

Digital scholarship can take a number of forms. It can be as simple as the publication of a traditional scholarly work in a digital form, such as that used by many academic journals. Researchers have also used digital technology to develop different ways to present and consider data and communicate their conclusions.

The term digital scholarship can also refer to the use of digital objects as source material or evidence, as in the case of a literary scholar using a text digitized from an analog source, or a born-digital text. The use of a digital text may be preferable for a researcher hoping to use basic word-search technology, or other, more complex means, to explore the text.

Software developers and scholars in a number of academic fields have provided researchers with a wealth of tools.

For example, scholars can use data mining technology to analyze data sets far larger than a human being, or team of individuals, could ever master.

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