The Digital Convergence Lab provides students with the tools to become sophisticated analysts and users of interactive media and emerging technologies.  Students who work in the lab will be interacting with real clients on products that will be completed and put into production. If you are interested in working in the Digital Convergence Lab or eLearning click here and complete the form. We'll be in touch!

DCL Needs Your Help!

Internship or Independent Study Opportunities are Available!

The Digital Convergence Lab is looking for students for experiential learning projects. Contact Jason Underwood or Aline Click for more information.

Summer Paid Internships

Each summer the DCL offers video games design and development camps to middle and high school students. NIU students going into K-12 education are needed to help with these camps. Knowledge of game design and proficiency with GameMaker, Second Life, Paint.NET, Audacity, and Unity 3D, all of which are free to download, preferred. Interested education majors should contact Aline Click with a resume.

Please visit our Experiential Learning Lab, Games and Virtual Worlds Camps, and Community Workshops pages to learn more about student opportunities.

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