The Digital Convergence Lab provides a place to explore and make connections with experts and partners, locate equipment and facilities, and identify potential external resources for exciting new projects. We are currently working on a variety of research projects in virtual worlds, laser technology, game development with kids, mobile applications for iPhone, social networks, and multi-touch systems.

The Digital Convergence Lab is supported by professional staff and partners working together to achieve common goals for NIU. The Lab supports experiential learning projects that allow teams of students to harness new technologies for real clients in the for-profit as well as the non-profit sectors.

NIU faculty and staff are invited to contribute their ideas, enthusiasm, and expertise by affiliating with the Digital Convergence Lab by becoming a partner, participating in shared research, or presenting at a workshop.


Shared Research and Development

One of the goals of the Digital Convergence Lab is to provide a centralized lab and professional expert staff to support faculty, staff, and students in the investigation, design, development, and research of digital and interactive media for education.

In order to attain this goal the DCL will develop new products, conduct and support faculty and graduate student research, and assess new media and technologies for purposes of education and communication. 

Contact Aline Click at to find out how we can help you with your research, grant, or development.

Interactive Window Display

Interactive Window Displays, Get Up and Move in the NIU Library!

window display

Thanks to a grant from the Friends of the NIU Libraries’ Awards Program, Founders Memorial Library, in partnership with the Digital Convergence Lab (FO 340) is piloting Interactive Window Displays, the first on NIU’s campus.

To install the Interactive Window Display, the Digital Convergence Lab applied a rear projection film product by Proscreens to the back of the window glass. The film is designed specifically to display projected images and video. Projectors were mounted inside the windows and connected to a computer where the multimedia and interactive applications are controlled.

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NIU Foundation Venture Grant

Title: Engaging Student Learning through Highly Interactive Virtual Environments (HIVE) in the 21st CenturyHIVE logo

Project Co-Principal Investigators:

Lilly Lu, Assistant Professor, School of Art and Faculty Fellow for the Digital Convergence Lab 

Aline Click, Co-Director, Digital Convergence Lab and Director of NIU eLearning Services

This project is to engage students of the digital generation in critically responding to social issues through creating, role-playing, and collaborating in two different types of highly interactive virtual environments (HIVEs): virtual worlds and digital games. Students will present stories about social issues and invite regional and global audiences to “experience,”  “interact” with, and “reflect” on the stories and the proposed solutions.

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