NIU Foundation Venture Grant

Title: Engaging Student Learning through Highly Interactive Virtual Environments (HIVE) in the 21st CenturyHIVE logo

Project Co-Principal Investigators:

Lilly Lu, Assistant Professor, School of Art and Faculty Fellow for the Digital Convergence Lab 

Aline Click, Co-Director, Digital Convergence Lab and Director of NIU eLearning Services

This project is to engage students of the digital generation in critically responding to social issues through creating, role-playing, and collaborating in two different types of highly interactive virtual environments (HIVEs): virtual worlds and digital games. Students will present stories about social issues and invite regional and global audiences to “experience,”  “interact” with, and “reflect” on the stories and the proposed solutions.

 The goals of this project are to:

  1. Investigate the potential and benefits of emerging HIVEs for learning and teaching.
  2. Design and utilize HIVEs as new learning environments that can extend traditional classrooms to global communities and people from different cultures.
  3. Increase NIU’s regional and global publicity and attract additional grants to the university.

Visit the HIVE website for more information. 

Funding provided by the NIU Foundation, NIU Outreach Engagement and Regional Development, and the School of Art

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