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"A virtual world is a computer-based simulated environment navigated and experienced by one or more users. Over the past several years educators have begun exploring virtual worlds as a powerful medium for instruction."

The Digital Convergence Lab is currently focusing on two virtual world platforms, Second Life and OpenSim.

NIU eLearning entered virtual worlds in 2005 after attending a presentation on Second Life at the Games Learning and Society conference at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Soon afterward NIU built one of the first university campuses in Second Life. We named this virtual campus Glidden.

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Highly Interactive Virtual Environments

HIVE logoThis project is to engage students of the digital generation in critically responding to social issues through highly interactive virtual environments (HIVEs): virtual worlds and computer/online games. Through creating, role-playing, and collaborating in HIVEs, students in Schaumburg High School used the HIVE to explore their identities in their participating communities by designing avatar appearances, and creating virtual art that addresses social issues. This grant project is co-directed by Lilly Lu, Ph. D., and Aline Click, Co-Director of the Digital Convergence Lab. Funding for this project has come from the NIU Foundation, the Department of Art, and the Division of Outreach, Engagement and Information Technology Services.

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